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Sarah arrived at restorative practices through her own experiences of interpersonal violence and wanting a way of responding that attends to the healing of multiple dimensions of harm and hurt within and between individuals and in the social fabric that connects us.

Sarah has worked as a counsellor with people who have experienced interpersonal violence and delivers training in responding to complex trauma in ways that restore an individual's safety and agency.

Sarah currently works as a Men’s Behaviour Change practitioner with men who use domestic and family violence. In doing this work she is directed by the voices of affected family members and brings restorative principles to collaborations with families to achieve safety and healing.

Sarah has a particular interest in transformative community owned and directed actions that respond conjointly to interpersonal harm and underpinning contexts of institutional, structural and systemic violence, injustice and harm. Sarah aspires to embody restorative principles in her ways of being with self and with others.