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In 2009 I commenced working for a community owned aged care facility. Residents had no choice as to how they lived their daily lives and were required to fit into strict routines dictated by staff practices and timetabled duty lists.

I quickly observed and envisioned a home that placed value on the emotional and spiritual well-being of residents. Some examples of pre restorative facility included, set schedules for personal care, specific mealtimes and the absence of ageing in place.

After recognising the future benefits of rethinking and redesigning the delivery of care, with a personal and individual focus, in 2014 I was introduced to Terry O’Connell and restorative practise. It soon became apparent there was now a way to make sense of what I was trying to achieve. The incorporation of restorative practice into the day to day way care was delivered to residents and saw more and more conversations being enjoyed. The right conversations being initiated with intent promoted a greater understanding of each other and enhanced relationships.

Terry O’Connell continued to educate staff in restorative practice and offered direction and motivation. Staff were left with the question “What Matters”. This question enabled the construction of a framework of documents that were used by all departments to ensure and assist with all areas of care delivery collectively to demonstrate the benefits of restorative practice.