Restorative Practice Seminar Series

Bi Monthly RP Story Sessions by Zoom

The monthly Restorative Practice (RP) community of practice Zoom gatherings evolve into a bimonthly seminar series, as a way of enabling practitioners to share their personal stories and challenges in their specific streams of RP.

The inspiration of the series is to encourage mutual learning through listening and responding to RP experiences and insights. Members of the community will be able to nominate themselves, or colleagues, to tell their story, with a focus of their choosing, via a dedicated zoom seminar, publicised to the RP Australia zoom community of practice. All restorative practitioners are welcome.

To express your interest, and receive a Zoom invitation, scroll down and fill in the form.

Draft Agenda

  • Welcome and purpose - let people know the session is to be recorded
  • Check in - name, focus of practice, how are you feeling, anything you would like to share
  • 20mins story telling from focus person
  • Questions and sharing learning insights
  • Agree next session
  • Checkout - how are you feeling? What insights learning/ learning has emerged for you? Do you want to offer to share your story?

RP Story tellers for 2024

  • 8 February - Terry O’Connell - Terry O’Connell one of the original practitioners introducing and institutionalising restorative practice in Australia.

RP Story tellers of 2023

  • 2 February, David Moore - David Moore, an experienced facilitator and educator. David will discuss key lessons from 3 decades of work in restorative practices in Australia and internationally, which are summarised in a forthcoming book, co-authored with Alikki Vernon: Setting Relations Right: core skills and new horizons for restorative practices (Routledge 2023)
  • 13 April: David Crew - Restorative Work in a Place Based Context.

    This presentation goes beyond language and structural systems.  It talks of empowerment for local place-based work building on continual reflection and responding to new initiatives.

    It does not rely on ‘the expert’ or “the visiting practitioner” but on those that have lived experience in the local context.  Learning for over 20 years of experience, reflecting on changing government policies and their direct impact on community well being.  It explores the racialisation of policies and subsequent disempowerment of local communities.

    In this year of the ‘Voice” referendum Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre has endorsed the referendum in principle with caution as to how this will impact on local decision making.

    David’s presentation will be one that focusing on building a hopeful future for his community founded on a deep respect for culture and country and understanding of the need to allow for generation change.

  • 8 June: Marg Thorsborne - After 3 decades immersed in the restorative approach, largely in education and more generally in workplaces, Marg has come to realise the more she knows, the less she does! Seriously though, Marg is happy to talk about her new book (being co-written with Joe Brummer from USA) and how neuroscience has finally caught up with what we know works in RP! The book is titled “Becoming a Trauma Informed Restorative Educator”.
  • 10 August: Kate Raffin - Kate's focus will be the incredible importance of vision and moving anyone she is working with towards that as a way to build trust. Kate Raffin has a deep commitment to social justice and her work is based in the learnable skills and tools of Nonviolent Communication and Restorative Circles. One of the guiding principles Kate uses in her work is "Conflict is inevitable and natural, violence and combat are optional." See more at
  • 12 October: Ruth Levy - Ruth’s story begins with practising as a lawyer in South Africa for 10 years. Ruth was an activist during the apartheid years and was deeply influenced by the wisdom and dignity of Nelson Mandela and the impact of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on a country in major transition.

    Ruth (unexpectedly) found herself Australia in her early 30’s. She re-qualified as a lawyer before transitioning into human resource management for law and accounting firms in Melbourne and Sydney. During this time, Ruth also qualified and practised as a psychotherapist. Her journey continued when she moved to Byron Bay in 2008 and continued her HR career as both an employee and as a consultant.

  • 14 December: Lyn Doppler OAM, M.Ed. (Sp.Ed) - Lyn Doppler, former pioneering principal of an award-winning school implemented restorative practice as a way to build relationships and enhance quality teaching. She has documented the school’s journey on how the whole community, staff, students and parents, learnt to use restorative language and practice to relate, think and learn together. Lyn received a Churchill Fellowship in 2006 to study the effect of Restorative Practice on enhanced student achievement in schools around the world. The restorative philosophy in Rozelle PS has sustained for almost 20 years and with two successive principals after Lyn.

RP Story tellers of 2022

  • John Braithwaite - peace making in Afghanistan and Bougainville - Emeritus, School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet), Australian National University and beyond.
  • Catriona Harwood - mental health - Restorative Practice Lead, Queensland Health Victim Support Service. Whilst restorative justice has a long history within community, education and legal settings, opportunity exists to implement and support a more relational restorative practice approach to conflict within mental services in Australia. Cat will share her stories about how some staff teams and consumers at The Prince Charles Hospital have been learning, and implementing restorative practice approaches within both secure and community mental health teams since December 2019.  The aim is to improve and build relationships, and allow opportunity to address conflict when it occurs.
  • Mark Jones - institutional redress of sexual abuse
  • Fiona Wood - schools - Fiona as the Principal of a small inner city infants school has managed to take restorative to a whole new level in terms of working with little ones.
  • Kerrie Sellen - youth and families - Kerrie developed Re-Engage Youth Services [South Australia] into a leading edge youth organisation that was recognised by Business Review Weekly in 2016 as the 6th best Australian workplace. This organisation is a wonderful example of what happens when restorative practice become integral to everything that happens. Explicit practice led to the creation of four organisational ‘pillars’: restorative with self; with colleagues; with young people and families; and with the broader community.
  • Matt Casey - survivors of clerical abuse


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RP Story Sessions Most Recent

Terry O’Connell: What Matters?

Terry O’Connell

The February 2024 session was with Terry O’Connell one of the original practitioners introducing and institutionalising...

Thursday, February 8, 2024
5.30pm (Sydney, Melbourne) 5pm (Adelaide) for 90mins


Lyn Doppler OAM: Telling Her Story

Lyn Doppler OAM

Lyn tells the story of her 28yrs in RP and that RP is a way of thinking and being focused on authentic connections and...

Thursday, December 14, 2023
5.30pm (Sydney, Melbourne) 5pm (Adelaide) for 90mins

Ruth Levy: Restorative Mediation

Ruth Levy

Ruth shared the story of her process where participants focus on no blame and honouring each other.


Thursday, October 12, 2023
5.30pm (Sydney, Melbourne) 5pm (Adelaide) for 90mins

Kate Raffin: The incredible Importance of Vision

Kate Raffin

Kate told her wonderful story of her journey into helping people learn the skills of Non Violent Communication (NVC). She...

Thursday, August 10, 2023
5.30pm (Sydney, Melbourne) 5pm (Adelaide) for 90mins

Marg Thorsborne: Immersed in the Restorative Approach

Marg Thorsborne

Marg explains her transition from a biology teacher to be the first teacher trained in mediation by the Department and...

Thursday, June 8, 2023
5.30pm (Sydney, Melbourne) 5pm (Adelaide) for 90mins

Restorative Work in a Place Based Context

David Crew

This presentation goes beyond language and structural systems.  It talks of empowerment for local place-based work...

Thursday, April 13, 2023

David Moore

David Moore

The February 2023 session was with David Moore, an experienced facilitator and educator. David discussed key lessons from...

Thursday, February 2, 2023
5.30pm (Sydney, Melbourne) 5pm (Adelaide) for 90mins

Matt Casey - survivors of clerical abuse

Matt Casey

Survivors of clerical abuse.


Our apologies. This meeting was cancelled.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Kerrie Sellen - youth and families

Kerrie Sellen

Youth and families

Kerrie mentioned Hillary...

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Fiona Wood - Schools

Fiona Wood

Fiona shared key experiences in her career as a mother, a teacher and a principal. She tells personal stories to...

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Mark Jones - institutional redress of sexual abuse

Mark Jones

Institutional redress of sexual abuse.

Mark was unable to make this session so it was not recorded. We will...

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Catriona Harwood - mental health

Catriona Harwood

Cat shared her stories about how some staff teams and consumers at The Prince Charles Hospital have been learning, and...

Thursday, April 14, 2022

John Braithwaite - Peace Making in Afghanistan and Bougainville

John Braithwaite

Peace making in Afghanistan and Bougainville

After participants checked in, John Braithwaite stepped us through...

Thursday, February 10, 2022