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About the Practitioner

Field of Interest: 

Kristy believes that a young person's time at school should be positive and allow them to develop a high sense of self worth while also learning to understand the power and importance of maintaining and repairing relationships.

Kristy works with students, teachers and families in school communities to help them understand how Restorative Practices are able to form part of an integrated framework for the management of relationships and wellbeing.

An important part of the process is the time Kristy spends working with families in order to build the bridge between what is happening at school and in the home.

Kristy also conducts training programs for students in grades five and six, teaching young people how to become Restorative Peer Mediators. She also conducts staged Restorative Leadership Training programs for high school students.


When working as a young teacher in the Tuggeranong Valley in Canberra, Kristy met, and was inspired by, Peta Blood who had been contracted to work with a group of teachers to upskill them in Restorative Practice.

Kristy subsequently headed up a grant-funded pilot project with a group of teachers across five schools to further develop and implement Restorative Practices within those school communities.  The extensive and lengthy project report included strategic change management processes, teacher training, family education, policy writing, development of teaching and learning programs, and succession and sustainability planning.  This pilot project assisted in laying the foundations for implementing Restorative Practice in ACT schools.

Following the success of this program, Kristy decided to take the learnings from the program to the conference 'circuit', and the honour of sharing her Restorative Practice experiences gave her the 'fire in the belly' to establish her own business and spread the vision of Restorative Practices in a school setting to a wider audience.

Brings to the Discussion: 

Kristy has both a Bachelor of Education degree and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology. She has taught in schools for more than two decades and consulted in schools in Restorative Practices since 2003. This experience and training make Kristy uniquely placed to work in this field given her skill set includes practical knowledge and extensive experience in implementing Restorative Practice principles in schools as a teacher, combined with her understanding of the science of wellbeing.


Organisational Structure: 
  • Registered Business
Organisational Role(s): 
  • Founder
  • Director
  • Facilitator
  • Consultant
  • Trainer
  • Mentor coach
  • Practitioner
  • School
Services Offered: 
  • Coaching
  • Community Development/Education¬†
  • Consultancy
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership development
  • Management and HR Training
  • Management Training
  • Restorative Circles
  • Restorative Conferencing
  • Restorative Practice meetings
  • School - K-12
  • Team Building
  • Training
  • Workplace Conferencing
  • Culture change
  • Policy development
  • Program development
  • Workplace Training

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Mont Albert North, Vic, 3129
Area Covered: 
State -Vic

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