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CRJ People: Miranda Forsyth, Meredith Rosser, Aishwarya Aishwarya.

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Miranda Forsyth

Profile source: An interview on behalf of the NED Foundation.

Interviewee: Miranda Forsyth
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  • Academic - researcher

Meredith Rosser also participated in the interview.

About the Organisation

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The Centre for Restorative Justice (CRJ), is a world leader in experimental and theoretical research on Restorative Justice in a range of areas including crime, conflict, peacebuilding and more recently environmental restorative justice.

Its mission is to produce, synthesise and apply primary field studies wherever they can be conducted, translating that research into evidence based policies around the world.


The ANU has a long tradition in both Restorative Practice and Restorative Practice research and the establishment of the centre was an effort to consolidate that knowledge and to expand that understanding by bringing together researchers from across different areas of the university.

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CRJ brings both theoretical knowledge and empirical research to improve the understanding of Restorative Practice and Restorative Justice around the world.

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  • University
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  • Research

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Acton, ACT, 2601
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